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Hines France Regional Office

Renault, Paris, France

Hines France was founded in 1995 and has since completed the 102-room Hotel Ampère Villiers in Paris, the 11,000-square-meter M6 Headquarters in Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris, the 65,000-square-meter EDF Tower and the 27,000-square-meter CB16 Tower in Paris-La Défense, and the 23,000-square-meter Havas Headquarters in Suresnes. In all, Hines Frances has completed over 193,300 square meters.

Currently under construction is the 45,000-square-meter Meudon Campus near Paris. Projects in the design-development phase are Danton in Paris-La Défense, which includes 27 percent of a 120,000-square-meter development, the Renault land in Boulogne, and 66-70 Charles de Gaulle.

These projects have positioned Hines France as one of the leaders in the commercial development sector. Renault will present Hines France with the opportunity to build a mixed-use project incorporating hotel, residential and office in one of the most exclusive residential areas of the Paris area.

A Current Regional Initiative

Hines, in conjunction with two French development partners, Sorif and Nexity, was selected by Renault, the large French automobile manufacturer, to purchase and develop a 45-hectare site in Paris, strategically located along the banks of the Seine River, just southwest of the city’s center. The total master-planned development will span a nine-year period and offer 653,000 square meters of office, residential, retail and public facilities. In the early 1900s, the site served as Renault’s original car manufacturing facility and is one of the largest development sites in Paris in history, particularly so close to the heart of the city.

Patrick Albrand
Patrick Albrand

Shortly after joining the firm in 1995, Patrick Albrand was instrumental in the establishment and supervision of its French subsidiary. He has been active in the development of Hines France’s first major projects in the business district of La Defense: two high-rise buildings designed by KPF and Pei Cobb Freed, Havas headquarters in Suresnes and others. Prior to working at Hines, Mr. Albrand was the director in charge of development at Stim-Bouygues Real Estate in Paris (1989-1995), where he arranged joint ventures with outside developers and investors. He was a senior research associate at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, California (1983-1987), where he participated in the creation of innovative tools and computer programs for the building industry and the real estate sector, with the objective of optimizing energy consumption and building energy management. Prior to that, he was with the Ministry of Interior of Morocco (1980-1982), where he directed and managed a local department of public works that planned, designed and developed 2,500 multi-family homes, a mosque and a hospital. Mr. Albrand received a Master in Architecture at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1980 and a Master in Real Estate Development from Columbia University in 1988.
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Olivier de Dampierre
Oliver de Dampierre

Since joining Hines in 1995, Olivier de Dampierre has been instrumental in developing its French subsidiary and is now president of Hines France Sovacim SA. He was a key player in the negotiation and execution of two primary developments in the business district of Paris, La Defense (65,000 square meters and 30,000 square meters). Mr. de Dampierre's real estate career has been impressive. In 1981, he founded the Commercial Real Estate Division at STIM and over the next 10 years served as its vice president of commercial development, director of commercial development, and director. From 1991 to 1994, Mr. de Dampierre was managing director of STIM S.A., a subsidiary of Sogelym, the largest property developer in Lyon. Before joining Hines, he served as managing director of Sogelym Ile-de-France, S.A. from July 1994 to May 1995. Mr. de Dampierre received a degree from the University of Paris IX, Dauphine in June 1971 and received his Bachelor degree in Urbanism from the University of Paris VIII in June 1972.
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