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Setting the standard in real estate management.

Hines UK offers a full range of asset management services to both third-party real estate owners and Hines funds. We work closely with every client to identify their current needs and create customised solutions to reach short- and long-term goals. With more than 50 years of real estate ownership and operations experience, we have a detailed understanding of buildings, and property and facility management. As an investor and fund manager in our own right, we appreciate the need to drive value within a risk-adjusted framework while providing bespoke reporting and complete transparency.



Birmingham, United Kingdom

We have the skills and knowledge to evaluate a property, create the right strategy for increasing returns and to execute those plans. Deriving value from untapped sources, we find opportunities to optimise rental streams, to improve operations, and drive energy efficiency while working creatively to maximise returns.

When it is time to harvest value, Hines will oversee the preparation of the data room and manage the disposal either directly through a targeted sale or a wide ranging RFP programme, as appropriate to achieve best value.

Services include:

  • Expense recovery and income optimisation
  • Tenant liaison and customer relations
  • Management of refurbishment and capital upgrades
  • Branding, marketing and leasing/renewals
  • Facilities management audits
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability management
  • Market reports and buy/sell analysis
  • Accounting functions and reporting
  • Specialist surveyor engagement and management



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