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Setting the standard in office development.


One Shell Plaza
One Shell Plaza, Houston, TX


Hines built its first high-rise office building in 1971, One Shell Plaza, which remains the tallest lightweight concrete structure in the world. Having made the jump from a five-story office building to the 51-story office tower, Hines set a high precedent for how it would affect international skylines in the coming decades. Having mastered the engineering and functional aspects of office buildings, the firm began to hire world-class architects to design its projects, setting a higher standard for aesthetic quality and, in turn, tenant demand. With more than 295 premier office developments in over a dozen countries, the company has successfully transferred its standard of excellence across continents and cultures, from North America to South America, Europe and Asia.

Other Services

Other Hines services include: Accounting/ Control/ Reporting; Architectural and engineering contract negotiation; Asbestos abatement; Budget development and administration; Conceptual construction; Construction buyout; Construction management; Design coordination; Energy management and conservation; Environmental and site evaluations; Feasibility and economic analysis; Government approval coordination; Investment management; Leasing, marketing and public relations; New building commissioning; Operations and maintenance planning; Pro forma development; Real estate and market assessments; Redevelopment; Scheduling; Security; Tenant construction management.


DZ Bank
DZ Bank, Berlin, Germany



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