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Setting the standard in residential development.


Embassy House
Embassy House, Beijing, China


Hines’ standard of excellence is evident in the firm’s development of high-rise condominiums, master-planned communities, mixed-use developments and resort properties around the world. The firm commits the highest level of quality in design, construction, marketing and property management to each project.

Hines takes a comprehensive approach, providing professional guidance concerning everything from land acquisition to infrastructure improvements, from design and construction management to creating the optimum environment for living and working. With its vast experience in urban development and its commitment to community enhancement, Hines manages complex residential projects, focusing on the unique environmental, aesthetic and economic demands of the communities in which it operates.

"I have lived all over the world and Embassy House is high-rise living at its best. It combines the most sophisticated architecture - pure class and quality - with all the amenities one would want. I feel safe and taken care of at Embassy House and would move into another Hines property in an instant." - Anna Jansen - Embassy House Resident

Other Services
River Valley Ranch
River Valley Ranch,
Carbondale, CO


Other Hines services include: Accounting/ Control/ Reporting; Architectural and engineering contract negotiation; Asbestos abatement; Budget development and administration; Conceptual construction; Construction buyout; Construction management; Design coordination; Energy management and conservation; Environmental and site evaluations; Feasibility and economic analysis; Government approval coordination; Investment management; Leasing, marketing and public relations; New building commissioning; Operations and maintenance planning; Pro forma development; Real estate and market assessments; Redevelopment; Scheduling; Security; Tenant construction management.


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