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Setting the standard in sports facility development.


Petco Park
Petco Park, San Diego, CA


For more than a decade, Hines has applied its high standard of excellence to the development of an array of outstanding sports facilities including venues for professional sports. The firm’s professional guidance ranges from land acquisitions to infrastructure improvements and lease negotiations to financing, design and construction oversight. With its vast experience in urban development, Hines can manage complex, multi-phase projects requiring expertise in urban planning, infrastructure coordination and sequencing with adjacent development projects.

"The extraordinary political, financial and technical challenges of the project required the Padres to engage a firm that was experienced in all aspects of project development, not just in design and construction. Hines was the ideal full-service solution." John Moores – Chairman, San Diego Padres

Other Services

Other Hines services include: Accounting/ Control/ Reporting; Architectural and engineering contract negotiation; Asbestos abatement; Budget development and administration; Conceptual construction; Construction buyout; Construction management; Design coordination; Energy management and conservation; Environmental and site evaluations; Feasibility and economic analysis; Government approval coordination; Investment management; Leasing, marketing and public relations; New building commissioning; Operations and maintenance planning; Pro forma development; Real estate and market assessments; Redevelopment; Scheduling; Security; Tenant construction management.


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