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One Ninety One Peachtree Tower
Atlanta, GA

One Ninety One Peachtree is a 50-story office tower located in downtown Atlanta.  Designed by John Burgee Architects and Philip Johnson as design consultant, the theme of the tower represents a renaissance of the grand skyscraper tradition of the early 1900s.  In response to the long rectangular configuration of the through-block site, the architects articulated the building’s form to create the impression of two separate but connected towers, which create a constantly changing silhouette as the tower is viewed from different angles.  From the east and west, One Ninety One Peachtree Tower appears as a single, slender shaft of granite, and from the north and south, as two twin tower-like forms linked by a recessed plane.  Each tower culminates in seven full stories of interwoven arches and curving domes to a final crown of columns, which are illuminated at night.  The tower was completed in 1991.

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191 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA

191 Peachtree Street adjacent to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in downtown Atlanta

Hines' Role

Philip Johnson/John Burgee Architects

Net Rentable Area
1,213,805 sq. ft.
(112,762 sq. m.)

Retail space:
15,000 sq. ft.
(1,394 sq. m.)

Typical Floor Size
25,800 sq. ft.
(2,397 sq. m.)

BOMA Award 2001
BOMA Award 1998
BOMA Award 1994

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