Maintaining the Highest Ethical Standards in Real Estate

With a background in construction law, Lucy arrived at Hines to pursue a more people-focused role.

Our team aligns with the business at all stages of the deal life cycle to ensure that the highest standards of business practice are maintained. Collaboration is the key to our success.


After studying International Relations and Politics at the University of Birmingham, Lucy entered a rigorous law conversion program where she completed three years of law school in 12 months. She performed exceptionally well. Real estate piqued her interest and she ultimately landed a job as a paralegal in construction law. After some time working in practice, Lucy quickly realized she wanted a career that was more practical and people-focused. Her background in construction law stood out to a recruiter who thought Lucy would be a great match for a role on the Compliance team at Hines. She completed the interview process and was offered the position, joining the firm in early 2018.

As a Compliance Associate, Lucy is responsible for all compliance-related activities in Hines’ European and Eurasia Region, which includes Russia, Poland and India. Fifty percent of her time is spent speaking with colleagues in various functions and teams across the firm, advising on projects, deals or issues that arise, and ensuring all activity follows regulations, policies and procedures specific to each country. The remainder of her time is focused on Hines’ regulated entities across the globe.

“Our team aligns with the business at all stages of the deal lifecycle to ensure that the highest standards of business practice are maintained” Lucy says. “Collaboration is the key to our continued success.”

Lucy serves as a OneHines Local Ambassador, a firmwide volunteer initiative developed to sustain a diverse and inclusive work culture. Her proudest achievement was spearheading a Global Diversity Awareness Month fair at the firm’s London office.

“We made a list of every culture represented in our office–there were around 30 total,” she explains. “We encouraged employees to bring in food, facts, items and recipes representing their cultures. It was well-received and offered a unique platform for discussion. Most recently, I helped organize the first International Women’s Day event at Hines’ European headquarters.”

A Londoner born and raised, Lucy grew up in a close-knit family about 10 minutes from where she currently lives. She finds joy in cooking and is a health and nutrition enthusiast. “I am always reading health blogs, listening to podcasts and experimenting with new ingredients and recipes,” she explains. “My colleagues are always entertained by my daily food creations.”

Lucy’s mantra is, don’t be afraid to be a blue-sky thinker because creative brainstorming without constraints leads to innovation and positive change. A naturally bubbly personality, she admits, “I am the person who walks around the office saying good morning to everyone. Smile…it is the best thing you can do.”

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