Hines Global Ventures Fund I

Hines Global Ventures Fund I (“HGVF I” or the “Fund”) is a corporate-backed venture capital fund that seeks to tackle disruptors interacting with the real estate world. Backed by the Hines platform, the Fund seeks to identify solutions to challenges the built world faces by leveraging Hines’ global footprint and asset base to identify and de-risk venture investments, aiming to create generational change and bring significant financial returns in the decades ahead.

The Fund has a strong conviction that the current market presents opportune timing for intelligent, early-stage venture investing1.

1Represents subjective opinions of Hines. Other market participants may reasonably have differing opinions.

A venture capital fund using both direct investments and co-investment structures, HGVF I seeks to build a portfolio focused on:

  • The evolving use of physical space
  • Revolutionary built world technologies
  • Next-Generation ESG solutions

Target Portfolio Allocation2

2Target Portfolio allocations are estimates based only on Hines' intent as of the date hereof and the subject to change due to market conditions and other factors. There can be no assurance that target allocations will be met with respect to the Fund. Actual portfolio allocations may vary significantly from targeted allocations.

Three Investment Domains for Hines Global Ventures Fund I Investment Thesis3

Evolving Use of Physical Space

Example areas of focus: Smart, flexible, and democratized use of physical space, blending of digital and physical worlds, sharing and experiential economy, adaptive reuse, and increased amenities for improved wellness and experience.

Revolutionary Built World Technology

Example areas of focus: Cutting-edge ESG solutions that create affordable solutions, aid in carbon-tracking, support energy reduction, mitigate carbon production, identify promising renewable technologies, and support circular economy principles and resource conservation.

Next-Gen ESG Solutions

The Fund seeks to source next-gen ESG solutions that offer affordability and carbon-tracking, reduction, and mitigation. The goal of building energy efficiency into modern infrastructure will likely be facilitated through circular economies and resource conservation.

3Not comprehensive; examples only.

Our Scale

Hines has long been a steward of third-party real estate capital. While a few real estate investment managers have corporate venture capital teams, HGVF I believes none are vertically and horizontally integrated to the same level as Hines or possess the ability to leverage the expertise, scale, and footprint of the Hines global organization4.

4There is no assurance that the experience of and management by Hines will translate into positive results for the Fund. There is no guarantee that the Fund will be able to make these sorts of investments generally and that the investments made by the Fund will achieve any particular level of returns.

Meet the Investment Team

As a privately held, family led firm, Hines is free to make investment decisions based on the long-term interests of its investors. Hines has been actively investing in venture since 2016, and each of the Fund management team possesses a depth of experience in innovation, venture, strategy, and real estate.

Investment Team

Advisors to the Fund6

6Mach49 advised on the design and launch of HGVF I.

Advisors to the Fund

Case Study

Hines Global Ventures7 has been investing in venture since 2016 and has a history of leveraging its platform to work with and support early-stage companies, as demonstrated in our case study.

7Case study presented herein are for illustrative purposes only, have been selected in order to provide examples of the types of investments to be made by the Fund and do not purport to be a complete list thereof. It should not be assumed that investments made in the future will be comparable in quality or performance to the investments described herein. Hines Global Ventures has invested in Fernish.

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