Hines U.S. Property Partners

Disciplined, research-driven U.S. property portfolio seeking strong returns in all business cycles through expert active management and operation.

Hines U.S. Property Partners 1 (“HUSPP” or the “Fund”) is a diversified, open-end real estate investment that invests in next-generation assets to obtain 9-11% net 2 total returns. Private funds are used to build or enhance desirable properties in top-performing submarkets, leveraging the knowledge of local operators to maintain and increase value.

1 Hines U.S. Property Partners is comprised of Hines U.S. Property Partners Lux SCSp, Hines U.S. Property Partners II SCSp, and Hines U.S. Property Partners.

2 The target return stated herein is net of fees, expenses and taxes within the structure and carried interest, but gross of any tax payable by investors in the fund on receipt of, or withheld from, any distributions. There can be no assurance that the target return will be met with respect to any investment or the fund in general. Actual returns may vary significantly from the target. This information is provided for illustrative purposes only, and recipients of this information should be aware that use of this information to make a decision as to whether to invest in a fund sponsored by Hines or to assist in making any other investment decision carries significant risk. In considering any performance data contained herein, each recipient should bear in mind that past performance is not indicative of future results, and there can be no assurance that an investment program will achieve comparable results. Any investment entails a risk of loss, including loss of the entire investment. The Fund's target returns are expected to be realized from the disposition of investments, mark to market valuations of the Fund's investments, operating cash flows and proceeds from borrowings, using leverage where the General Partner believes it is appropriate. The target returns stated herein are based on the General Partner's belief about what returns may be achievable on the types of investments that the General Partner intends to pursue in light of the General Partner's experience with similar transactions. Further, the target returns stated herein are based on an assumption that economic, market and other conditions will not deteriorate and, in some cases, will improve. The target returns are also based on models, estimates and assumptions about performance believed to be reasonable under the circumstances, but actual realized returns on the Fund's investments will depend on, among other factors, the ability to consummate attractive investments, future operating results, the value of the assets and market conditions at the time of disposition, any related transaction costs and the timing and manner of sale, all of which may differ from the assumptions and circumstances on which the targeted returns are based. The use of leverage may magnify the opportunities for gain and the risk of loss.

An open-ended, core-plus fund, Hines U.S. Property Partners invests to create a diversified portfolio of high-quality assets across living, industrial, office, mixed-use, and niche sectors. The Fund's "buy, build and manage to core" strategy aims to create strong investor returns in all business cycles.

Target Sectors3 as of Q1 2023

Three Key Reasons to Invest in Hines U.S. Property Partners

Staying Disciplined

HUSPP intends to-build a research-driven, diversified core-plus portfolio focusing on institutional-quality investments across top-performing U.S. submarkets.

Buy, Build and Manage to Core

HUSPP’s blended approach to creating core-plus returns is differentiated by its selective non-core acquisitions and ground-up development opportunities that should deliver value and balanced returns throughout investment cycles.

Leverages 65+ Years of Value Creation

Hines’ development and management experience help identify opportunities where price, financing, construction, and operations can be improved using in-house expertise.

Our Scale

By leveraging the expertise of Hines’ vertically integrated platform of 2,988 U.S. based professionals as of December 31, 2022, Hines U.S. Property Partners will be investing and managing properties in the living, industrial, office, retail, and alternative sectors in top-performing U.S. submarkets identified by Hines’ proprietary research team and extensive local operating network. Since its inception in July 2021, HUSPP has acquired 17 properties ranging in size, sector, strategy and location.

Meet Your Investment Team

As a privately held, family-led firm, Hines is free to make investment decisions based on the long-term interests of its investors. Each of the Fund management team possesses considerable depth of experience in U.S. real estate, covering acquisition, financing, reporting, and the auditing of real estate clients. The freedom to follow the data and their experience when managing portfolios provides the Fund with a singular focus that Hines believes is quite different from other real estate investment managers.

Meet Your Investment Team

Photo of Ali Siby

Ali Siby

Assistant Fund Manager
Senior Director, Fund Management, Investment Management – Americas

New York, NY

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Photo of Yuri Zanini

Yuri Zanini

Assistant Fund Manager (based in Houston)
Director, Fund Management, Investment Management - Americas

Houston, TX

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Photo of Cher Yao

Cher Yao

Assistant Fund Manager
Senior Associate, Fund Management, Investment Management – Americas

New York, NY

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Case Studies

Anyone can claim to be innovative, forward-looking, creatively disciplined, and committed to worthy causes. At Hines, we take the next step and provide proof through our case studies. Every day, we reimagine real estate design, finance, and footprint, and we’re just getting started.

The Hines ESG Commitment

The Hines U.S. Property Partners Fund recognizes the crucial role that the built environment can have on curbing the climate crisis as well as creating social value in the communities in which it operates. We are committed to reducing environmental and social costs with a goal of net-zero operational carbon by 2040. Given this commitment, the Fund has the scope to consider and implement a range of ESG initiatives while meeting the future demands of occupiers and investors. ESG considerations are integral to how the Fund will deploy its investment strategy.

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