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Distribution Park Cajamar Warehouses 3 and 4

Distribution Park Cajamar is a 439,168-square-foot distribution facility containing 136,486 square feet in Warehouse 3 and 302,682 square feet in Warehouse 4. Both single-story warehouses were completed in July 2011.

Distribution Park Cajamar is located near the Viracopos International Airport on the Anhanguera Highway, between São Paulo and Jundiaí.


  • 800 Ribeirão dos Cristais Avenue, Cajamar, Brazil


  • Located between São Paulo and Jundiaí

Building Details

  • 439,168 square feet

Major Tenants

  • Sony Brasil Ltda.
  • Trans-Iguaçu Empresa de Transportes Rodoviários Ltda.