Intelligent Real Estate Investments - Hines

In 2019, Hines advised Hana Financial Investment on the acquisition of the Helix building in Frankfurt. Hines will provide long-term asset management for the property.

Originally built in 2004, Helix—also known as Vitreum—includes 389,000 square feet (36,200 square meters) of rentable office space, which is leased long-term to Commerzbank.

Located in Helfmann Park, the transparent and bright building features an arrow-shaped glass exterior. Its name is derived from the Helix structure of the superposed floors with large roof terraces.


  • Helfmann-Park 5, Frankfurt, Germany


  • Located in the Helfmann Park in Eschborn–Frankfurt


  • Schneider + Schumacher

Building Details

  • 389,223 square feet

Major Tenants

  • Commerzbank