A Prime Opportunity for World-Class Placemaking

For 24 years the Washington Convention Center dominated the District of Columbia’s downtown landscape. When the District decided to build a new facility nearby, it opened a sizeable opportunity – 10 acres of prime real estate located in the heart of the District.

Aligning on a Vision

The District actively engaged community stakeholders for feedback on land usage, benchmarked best practices for mixed-use projects around the world, then laid out their vision to create:

  • A unique, truly exceptional, pedestrian-friendly mixed-use urban neighborhood to include retail, residential, civic/cultural and entertainment uses.
  • A place that is first and foremost for the District and its residents and appeals to downtown workers and visitors.
  • A great urban place with the highest level of quality and innovation in urban design and architecture.

During the 14-month selection process, the City Council came to know and trust the high level of commitment, expertise and personal communication Hines would bring to this multi-year project.

    Master planning a truly exceptional lifestyle

    Stroll through CityCenterDC today and you’ll be tempted to linger. There’s an energized mix of everyday fun and high-end luxury here, which was all part of the plan. Hines re-established the street grid to provide optimal visibility through the site and make room for surprisingly delightful pedestrian experiences.

    With more than 40 retailers and restaurants, prime office space, luxury residences and a Conrad Hotel, CityCenterDC is a vibrant destination for residents and visitors alike. Public spaces are directionally oriented to maximize natural light, while programmed spaces are engineered to support social and entertainment events any time. An Instagram favorite, the award-winning Gateway at CityCenterDC video wall artfully captures the upbeat dynamism of the city.

    Reimagining the Space. Maximizing the Investment.

    Instead of crowding the site with larger building footprints, Hines designed the office and residential buildings to meet market needs, increase retail frontage and maximize pedestrian circulation through the site.

    A fiscal benefit analysis confirmed that Hines’ innovative plan – which included street-level retail on all four sides of every building – created a huge multiple for tax revenues from sales taxes, resident income taxes and hospitality taxes. The mix of uses also responded to the District’s objective for local job creation and, most importantly, paved the way to a world-class urban neighborhood experience.

    From optimizing street-level retail to integrating effective sustainability strategies to initiating a major grant program for local non-profits, CityCenterDC represents the highest standards of what a public-private partnership can and should be.

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