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Remarkable residential communities where people love to live

We invest in, develop, and manage vibrant and lasting residential communities supported by innovative sustainability strategies.

With our experience and financial strength, we reduce risk in complex, pioneering living projects to create strong results for our project partners and investors. We combine a consistent, holistic investment and development approach with market-specific design and industry-leading amenities and experiences that consumers love.

Sustainability Created and Operated

Great buildings prioritize people, communities, and our planet. With a science-based, data-intensive approach, our bold, innovative strategies build on our longstanding investments in sustainability and energy efficiency. We develop and manage our properties with future generations in mind and deploy cutting-edge technology and the latest sustainable practices across each living asset to meet modern day needs that will stand the test of time.

Holistic Service Integration

Our focus on in-depth market research, the latest living trends, and investment analysis enables us to invest in, develop, and manage high-quality living assets across the world. By applying decades of real estate experience to this growing sector, we create strong results in the ways we deploy capital, manage our developments and maintain our communities — all aligned to the communities we serve.


Our teams invest in a wide range of living assets, strategically allocating funds and maximizing returns through extensive global experience and a keen understanding of market dynamics. By seamlessly integrating local market proficiency with relationship leveraging, we manage assets exceeding $93.2 billion, all the while conducting meticulous market research and proprietary analyses to ensure our projects offer compelling returns and enduring value, demonstrating our keen understanding of market dynamics, property owners, and investors' needs.


We are skilled developers who bring the power of legacy and a vision for sustainable, livable communities to each project. Hines creates distinctive developments in markets worldwide, delivering environments where people thrive and enduring value for investors and communities.


We deliver a superior level of service and cost-effective building management that results in more-satisfied residents, higher resident retention and preserves value.

Hines has the expertise and financial strength needed to reduce risk in complex and challenging living projects, and a pioneering attitude toward finding opportunities across the sector:

Build-to-Rent / Multifamily

We elevate the build-to-rent experience with high-end apartments tailored to discerning residents who demand the best.

Seniors Housing

We showcase innovative care with a range of senior living options, integrating technology for safety, security, and serene lifestyles.

Student Housing

We curate communities that spark personal growth and academic success with fully equipped appealing spaces for today’s college life.

Co-Living & Serviced Apartments

We pioneer affordability and community in urban settings to address emerging housing trends in Asia and beyond.


We offer premier for-sale and rental living surrounded by meticulously planned amenities that enhance living standards and values.

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Community-Centric Regional Offerings

Around the world, we deliver a consistent approach while our specialists in each market tailor living projects for the specific needs of each local community. Explore our regional living platforms and learn more about our commitment to creating dynamic, resilient, and community-focused living spaces.

The backbone of our strength is that we know real estate markets better than anyone. Our research team follows every major North American market, so we’re continuously informed, educated and ahead-of-trend.

In today’s world of continual change, we understand the human need for refuge from an increasingly chaotic world. Across the Asia-Pacific region, people crave a convenient and special space where they can recharge, complete with specialized services, state-of-the-art connectivity, and memorable experiences.

New generations have new ideals — and demands — for the places they call home. We know residential communities can no longer stand on looks alone: They must create positive and sustainable experiences for all whose lives they touch, from residents who crave convenience and concierge service, to investors who understand the importance and value of happy tenants.

Excellence is the Difference

Resident Experience

We offer a rich and memorable living environment that aligns with modern residents’ values — complete with high-quality amenities, convenience, and community activities. By nurturing feelings of comfort and inspiration in one’s home, our living spaces give people more time to pursue their passions, while fostering a sense of value, connection, and inspiration.

Dynamic Communities for Generational Lifestyles

With people at our core, we pioneer communities designed for those seeking more than just a place to live. Our meticulous planning and state-of-the-art properties are tailored to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our residents and investors, attracting residents across the generational spectrum.

Global Depth with Local Expertise

Operating in nearly 400 cities across 30 countries and diverse living asset types gives us a uniquely global perspective — with the expertise to show for it. And our integrated local teams bring deep understanding of regional nuances, ensuring every living asset exists harmoniously with its surrounding community.

Health and Wellness

Beyond brick and mortar, our spaces are crafted with well-being in mind. Hines residences are not just homes; they are sanctuaries of connectivity and vibrancy, shaping rewarding, healthy experiences for all who inhabit them.

Sustainability and Resilience

Setting benchmarks in sustainable urban development, we are committed to continually improving the built environment for people and the planet. We actively reduce carbon footprints and weave resiliency into our communities with the industry’s most responsible, sustainable practices.

Our Commitment to Fostering Livable Communities

Hear from our experts on how our vibrant, community-focused living spaces reflect our passion for investing in, developing, and managing living assets that stand not just as buildings — but as integral parts of the communities they enrich.

Hines has proven to be a highly valued partner. They do what they say they will, and they deliver high-quality projects of lasting value in permanent locations, helping to fulfill our long-term hold objectives.


The Lingo of Living

While the living sector is familiar to everyone, its terminology can differ across geographies. Dive into our practical guide to better understand this dynamic asset class around the globe.

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