Environmental, Social & Governance

Environmental, Social & Governance

We believe great buildings prioritize people, communities, and our planet.

At Hines, we believe in creating long-term value by enabling people to thrive in spaces that benefit them and their communities. The ESG lens helps us realize our vision: to be the best real estate investor, partner, and manager in the world.

A Plan for Our Planet

Carbon’s impact on climate – and the environmental and social cost of that impact – is a huge challenge to the health of the planet. It is also the biggest challenge facing our industry. We’ve set a target of net-zero operational carbon by 2040.

A Long History of Sustainability

We believe prioritizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors differentiates our company, supports innovation and, most importantly, benefits people and the planet. For us, this means providing meaningful career and leadership opportunities for our employees, creating exceptional spaces and experiences for the people who live and work in our buildings, pursuing sustainable development and investment opportunities, and optimizing energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, minimizing waste and water impacts, and delivering value at every step.

We will continue to evaluate and incorporate new technologies, commit to reducing our carbon footprint, find new ways to capture and analyze data, and leverage our influence for the benefit of the real estate industry and the environment.


ESG Foundation & Pillars

Hines recently embarked on a firm-wide effort to accelerate our sustainability efforts through the lens of ESG. Our ESG approach is grounded by a strategic framework. Foundations are the global policies, practices, and processes we adhere to across the firm to ensure Hines meets market requirements and industry best practices. Our disclosures and external reporting commitments seek to bolster our position as a globally recognized industry leader. And our ESG pillars contain the focus areas through which we strive to lead the market by attracting and retaining great talent and aligning with progressive investor and client goals.

ESG Strategic Framework E n v ir o n m e n tal S o c i al Governance D i s c l o s u r e s & R ep o r t i n g D a t a m a n a g e m e n t C o d e o f c on d u c t P o l ic i e s & p r oc e d u r e s Evaluation Internal k n o w l e dg e Innovation l e a d e r s h i p Foundations Operational c a r b o n Attainable housing Community building UN PRI GRESB GRI TCFD UN SDG Data management Embodied carbon Diverse suppliers Resilience Buildingcertifications Education Hines carbon emissions Net zero energy Level playing field UN-PRI Indoor air quality Health & wellness GRESB
Environmental Stewardship

Improving the built environment for people and the planet

We’ve endeavored to bring the most responsible, sustainable practices to Hines projects, and we participate in sustainability benchmarking seeking to set and raise the bar for the future.


Prioritizing people is how we do business at Hines

Our focus on people — and on improving their experiences in our workforce, industry, and communities — helps Hines remain a sustainable, resilient business.


Creating a resilient business

Over the past 66 years, we have built a robust structure to support our growing investment business and ensure that we continue to lead the industry with a focus on enhancing risk management, resilience, data management and reporting/transparency.

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