Our passion for real estate is the secret to your success

Our passion for real estate is the secret to your success

A Message from our Global CIO

Hines Investment Management

Creating value through innovative real estate strategies for over 66 years.

At Hines we have a holistic approach to real estate investment management that creates a distinct advantage for our investors. Sophisticated trend analysis, unmatched local market knowledge, and deep operational expertise allow us to swiftly capitalize on opportunities and optimize every aspect of real estate to create the most value possible.

Co-Heads of Investment Management
Christopher D. Hughes, CEO, Capital Markets
David L. Steinbach, Global CIO

Investment Management Group

We strive to be the best investor for our investors.

Building a better world

As a world leader in sustainability and innovation, we are proud to partner with investors to improve the built environment and contribute to better cities.

A Breadth of Opportunity

We invest across the real estate spectrum to create strategies for your specific investment needs.

Redmond, WA

Asset Class Experience

Redmond, WA

By Square Footage 1

  • Office 352M+
  • Industrial & Logistics 148M+
  • Living/Housing 82M+
  • Retail 32M+
  • Sports 3.9M+
Købmagergade 7
Copenhagen, Denmark

Risk Profile

Købmagergade 7
Copenhagen, Denmark

By Percentage 2

  • Core 33%
  • Opportunistic 58%
  • Value-Add 9%
Quarry Road
Stapylton, Australia

Geographic Diversity

Quarry Road
Stapylton, Australia

Cities by Territory 2

  • Americas 198
  • Europe 135
  • Eurasia 18
  • Asia Pacific 27

We believe deep involvement makes us different.

Exclusive access through long-term relationships

With 4,950 real estate professionals operating locally in 384 cities across 30 countries, our strong local relationships have been forged over decades, which we believe provides us with superior access to deal flow all over the world.1

Alignment with investors

We co-invest alongside our partners, setting the stage for mutual success. And our employee partner compensation depends on it; we only do well when you do.

Hands-on execution

We are not a capital allocator. We are a global investment manager and local operator, directly executing our real estate strategies on the ground to better control outcomes.

Being an operator makes us a better investor

With hands-on experience over 66 years, we believe we know development and management better than anyone else in the industry. We believe that enables us to make uniquely informed decisions to create value and maximize income.

1 As of December 31, 2023

Hines Research

Our advanced pricing models inform investment decisions.

Hines Thought Leadership