Conceptual Construction Group

Our Conceptual Construction Group (CCG) is a collaborative team of industry experts recognized worldwide for incorporating best-in-class practices to minimize risk and deliver buildings which set new standards of quality, innovation, sustainability and long-term value.

CCG was born from Gerald D. Hines' vision of creating institutional-quality buildings through a risk-managed process that consistently delivers high-quality development on time and on budget. Tested and proven over decades, the Hines process continues to produce buildings that are as efficient, vital and profitable today as the day they were built.

Average Experience per Group Member

50 million SF of total career experience
25 years in the real estate industry
14 years with Hines

Addressing Challenges in a Variety of Product Types Around the World

Commercial Offices Multifamily Residences Industrial/Logistics Facilities Senior Living Student Housing Data Centers Retail Mall Hospitality Venues Sports Stadiums Concert Halls

The depth of knowledge makes the Conceptual Construction Group a unique asset for our clients and investors - and second to none in our industry

Jeffrey C. Hines, Chairman and Co-Ceo

Partner with us and become a leader in Embodied Carbon

We are giving back to the commercial real estate industry and helping our partners with their own sustainability goals by widely sharing our Hines Embodied Carbon Reduction Guide

Our process, your outcomes

  • Benchmark the Competition

    With Hines' local teams providing boots-on-the-ground intelligence, CCG comes to each project with an in-depth understanding of the market and its competitive properties. This helps CCG drive design decisions while balancing our clients' needs and objectives.

  • Select the Right Design Team

    CCG leverages our global relationships to match the appropriate architects, engineers and consultants to each project. This typically includes a design architect for creative inspiration and a production architect to coordinate all technical elements. Complete and coordinated working drawings help minimize costs and ensure quality.

  • Analyze Fundamental Building Systems

    Working in partnership with our clients, CCG applies best-in-class practices to ensure all building systems – structural, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, elevators, architectural systems, life safety, façade, BMS and security – will provide exceptional livability and long-term viability for each individual project.

  • Provide Precise Budgets and Schedules

    Once decisions regarding fundamental building systems are in hand, CCG budget experts get down to the business of preparing detailed budgets and schedules – with a sharp pencil aimed at minimizing redesign, decreasing delays and reducing costs while keeping client priorities top of mind.

  • Coordinate Design and Construction Details

    To maximize efficiency and minimize errors or omissions prior to purchase, CCG – together with project design and construction teams – closely examines and tests every drawing and design detail against the established criteria and budget. We also de-risk any new technologies being considered for the project.

  • Secure Cost-Efficient Contracts

    Hines uses our proprietary construction contracting approach to place as much risk as is reasonable on the general contractor (GC). At the appropriate time, CCG procures competitive bids from GCs with the goal of securing the best pricing of fees and overhead, as well as structural and site work.

  • Expedite Transition to Construction

    CCG teams actively partner with Hines’ local construction management teams throughout the entire design and contracting process. This shared involvement streamlines the transition to hands-on construction execution and ensures that the unique insights and details of each project are fully realized.

  • Manage Commissioning and Closeout

    As each project nears completion, CCG works closely with Hines’ property management and construction teams to tightly monitor and confirm that all building systems are installed, tested and balanced for peak efficiency – and ensure the property is ready for occupancy.

CCG can reduce your risk, lower your costs, improve delivery time and increase your long-term asset value


Photo of Andy Trowbridge

Andy Trowbridge

Executive Vice President, Conceptual Construction   |   Houston, TX

Mr. Trowbridge is Executive Vice President, Conceptual Construction. He is responsible for all preconstruction activities including budgeting, design, contractor and consultant contract negotiations, and materials purchase for Hines’ domestic and international projects.

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