Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Designed for Discovery

Life sciences is experiencing an era of unprecedented growth driven by a rise in both public and private funding combined with a post-pandemic sense of urgency and market opportunity.

We are keeping pace by delivering spaces that are as innovative as the tenants occupying them. Our purpose-built facilities strive to meet our occupiers’ physical, functional and technological needs.

Welcome to the Future of Lab and Office Space

Levit Green is our state-of-the-art lab & office facility designed and engineered for cutting-edge research, technology, pharmaceuticals, and medical therapies

Different tenants have different needs, and the same tenant can also complicate matters with changing needs as the company evolves. Our lab spaces are flexible and modular. We optimize space based on two fundamental criteria: structural specification and the balance of lab and office space.

The life sciences industry requires innovative ESG approaches from development partners to ensure standards are exceeded. This is top of mind for us when constructing life sciences assets. Building highly efficient projects, sourcing from sustainable energy sources, as well as considering embodied and operational carbon emissions are key in competing for the most sought-after tenants.

Life Sciences companies serve as a major solution provider for many of the challenges confronting humanity. We are ready to become a solution partner to solve complexity with a property that works just as hard for you as your scientists do.

Life Sciences: The Potential of Purpose-Built Properties

Our proprietary analysis on the size of life sciences investment opportunities