Strategies and Products

Strategies and Products

Since 1993, Hines has employed a range of strategies to pursue acquisition and development opportunities through 65 investment vehicles with total equity exceeding $94.6 billion. Our diverse menu of investment vehicles demonstrates Hines’ ability to execute strategies across property types and risk profiles throughout the world. Our current investment strategies are included in the following:

Institutional Vehicles


Hines U.S. Property Partners (HUSPP)

Core/Core-Plus | Open-Ended | Launched 2021

Hines U.S. Property Partners is a diversified, core plus real estate vehicle that seeks to invest in high-quality living, industrial, office, mixed-use and select niche sectors. The Fund’s strategy is to “buy, build, and manage to core” through research-driven portfolio construction, smarter submarket and sector selection, and vertically integrated value creation. HUSPP property investments are designed to harness future demand trends.

Hines U.S. Property Recovery Fund (HUSPRF)

Opportunistic | Closed-end | Launched 2021 (Closed to New Investors)

The Hines U.S. Property Recovery Fund series seeks real estate investing opportunities that arise from dislocation and long-term industry changes in the U.S. real estate market. The Fund aims to combine Hines’ ability to create value through opportunistic acquisitions and property improvements at favorable prices across products with favorable market pricing to source and execute tactical property investments across product types in major U.S. markets.


Hines European Core Fund (HECF)

Core | Open-ended | Launched 2006

The Hines European Core Fund is an income-focused, Luxembourg-domiciled strategy that invests in core real estate assets and manages a well-diversified pan-European portfolio. The Fund’s focus is on prime inner-city locations with core exposure to residential-for-rent, urban logistics, office, and high-street retail. HECF seeks traditional core acquisitions, as well as assets focused on income growth for a balanced investment strategy.

Hines European Property Partners (HEPP)

Core Plus | Open-ended | Launched 2022

Hines European Property Partners is a diversified, open-ended core-plus fund focused on key European markets. Its portfolio management strategy is to pursue acquisitions in the office, living, industrial/logistics, retail, and residential sectors. The Fund will also pursue opportunities in emerging or niche asset classes including data centers, student housing, and mixed-use assets through its local presence and proprietary research, with the goal of growing an income-producing portfolio of high-quality real estate investments.

Hines European Value Fund 3 (HEVF 3)

Value Add | Closed-end | Launched 2022

Hines European Value Fund 3 is a discretionary value-add fund focused on European markets that exhibit attractive pricing characteristics and fundamentals. First, HEVF 3 seeks to create value at the asset level through active management initiatives including leasing, refurbishment, repositioning and/or space addition and redevelopment. Ultimately, the Fund aims to sell the resulting enhanced assets into market with strong demand for income-producing commercial real estate investments.


Hines Asia Property Partners (HAPP)

Core-Plus | Open-ended | Launched 2021

Hines Asia Property Partners is a diversified, operator-led, core plus real estate vehicle that invests in high-quality living, industrial, office, mixed-use and select niche sectors across Asia-Pacific. The Fund seeks to create value by leveraging Hines’ operating expertise to “buy, manage, refurbish, and build to core” through research-driven acquisitions, and sustainable initiatives to build value, creating a real estate portfolio designed to capitalize on future demand trends.

Retail Vehicles

Hines Securities is the broker-dealer affiliate of Hines and oversees the distribution of Hines-sponsored offerings to qualified individual investors through participating financial professionals with independent broker-dealer firms or registered investment advisors (RIAs).

Since Hines Securities’ inception in 2004, $10.4 billion has been raised as of June 30, 2023.

Learn more about Hines Securities, Inc.

Hines Global Income Trust

Core/Core-Plus / Open-Ended

Hines Global Income Trust is a public, non-traded real estate investment trust sponsored by Hines available to qualified individual investors through participating financial professionals. The Trust aims to generate growth and income through a high-quality portfolio diversified across geography and property types. For additional information, see the prospectus and visit:

Hines Global Income Trust