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2023 Navigating the Labyrinth

Watch for these predictive signals to pivot your real estate investment strategy from defense to offense

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United States Investment Overview

Investment opportunities in a pivotal market in the Americas: The United States

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The Fed Raised Rates: Keep Calm

Higher Rates are a Good Thing

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Is There Value-Add in Energy Certifications?

The 'Green Premium' and 'Brown Discount'

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2021 ESG Report

The latest on the firm's Environmental, Social and Governance efforts

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Hines Embodied Carbon Reduction Guide

We are giving back to the commercial real estate industry and helping our partners with their own sustainability goals by widely sharing our Hines Embodied Carbon Reduction Guide

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How the new office lease is better for everyone

New approaches for a new era

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Is Relief on the Horizon for Rising Construction Costs?

Key solutions to stay ahead of inflated cost can help combat the ongoing volatility of construction cost

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Life Sciences: The Potential of Purpose-Built Properties

Our proprietary analysis on the size of life sciences investment opportunities

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Hines' Proprietary Research team is committed to identifying how market forces, including macroeconomics, demographics, real estate fundamentals and capital markets, influence market returns and risk to better direct your investments into markets that have the highest probability of producing superior risk-adjusted returns.