Hines Global Ventures

Exploring and catalyzing the most impactful ideas in the built environment to deliver generational impact.

We focus on customer-centric, commercially relevant solutions that place ESG firmly at the center of our ambitions. Hines Global Ventures drives new service lines, enhanced portfolio performance, and risk mitigation for future disruption.

Our privately owned, globally scaled enterprise integrates savvy capital investments, with technical property operations and local market knowledge to find evolutionary opportunities that allow us to launch from a place others simply cannot. This connectivity helps source and deliver sustainable outcomes designed for lasting generational change.

Venture Studio

We are building startups. Our Venture Studio brings the power of Hines to the forefront, leveraging our platform and customer insights that help identify the most critical industry pain points. We believe this gives us a unique ability to build new ventures that address some of our industry’s biggest challenges.

We are designed to diversify risk, create multiple avenues for financial return, and generate maximum exit optionality. We work across the entire venture lifecycle, from ideation and incubation to acceleration and scale.

Partnerships and Investments

Our Partnerships and Investments team is focused on relationships that extend into critical adjacencies that fundamentally transform our industry and benefit the communities we serve.