aparto Engages New Sustainability Partnerships in Italy

aparto, the Hines brand that manages our student housing platform in Europe, has entered into two new partnerships in Italy as part of ongoing sustainability efforts. Both initiatives, dedicated to the world of bees, were created to raise awareness among the university community about the importance of biodiversity and to involve students in activities capable of generating a positive impact on the ecosystem.

Thanks to the collaboration with the first partner, Milanese startup Apicoltura Urbana, the student residence now houses an apiary with two beehives, which in addition to providing a new home for thousands of bees allows on-site production of honey for students eat. Apicoltura Urbana has been installing and caring for hives at companies, parks and schools for almost 20 years, providing an educational service and an experience that helps people to rediscover nature and protect biodiversity.

The second startup that we’re partnering with is Apepak, founded in Castelfranco Veneto. Apepak has developed an innovative reusable packaging based on beeswax. The beeswax used, which is from the National Consortium of Italian Beekeepers, is 100% organic and made in Italy with a certified and controlled supply chain, contributing to the protection of more than five billion bees. aparto is providing all guests of the student residence with an Apepak food preservation kit, which in total will save the use of more than 100,000 meters of plastic in a year.

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