Quartier FÜRstenried West
Quartier FÜRstenried West
Quartier FÜRstenried West
Quartier FÜRstenried West

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About Quartier FÜRstenried West

In 2021, Hines was engaged to manage Quartier FÜRstenried West, owned by a closed-end German investment fund. Hines will serve as asset and development manager of the project. Quartier FÜRstenried West consists of 36 residential buildings with a lettable area of 96,460 square meters with several underground parking garages. The property is located in the south of Munich in close proximity to the metro system, which connects the area with the inner city.

A new master plan was designed for the planned redensification with 12 new buildings, 9 additions and 2 extensions with a lettable area of c. 52,000 square meters. The main goal is the sustainable development of the neighborhood with a strict focus on ecological and social aspects. 30% of the newly created housing is built as affordable housing. The infrastructure of the entire neighborhood will be improved through the construction of three daycare centers, a neighborhood square with a supermarket, and a sustainable mobility concept.

The scheme is DGNB Gold pre-certified.
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  • Appenzeller Str. 94-137, Bellinzonastr. 1-30, Forst-Kasten-Allee 121-131, Zuger Str. 9, Graubündener Str. 107, Munich, Germany


  • Located in the south of Munich


  • LIN, h4a

Building Details

  • 1,614,318 square feet
  • 2092 units