aparto, our full-service student platform, is busy curating unforgettable experiences through art.

Working closely with local artists and art brokers, they offer residents an experience that is both educational and entertaining by bringing art out of closed spaces like museums and into everyday life, reinforcing residents’ bonds and fostering a community where creativity and autonomy are valued.

In a recent collaboration with Taldeg S.r.l., a Bologna-based, all-female startup that brokers art for use in public places, aparto launched an initiative to integrate art at the properties into everyday places, such as the laundry room and gym. The curated program involved residents in the experience by allowing them to suggest themes and concepts artists can choose for their work.

To allow for a hands-on approach for our residents and to inspire education around art, aparto and Taldeg developed a cycle of workshops open to residents in which the artists explain their techniques and explore team-building dynamics and developing better self-awareness.

In addition, aparto collaborated with local Glasgow artist, Little Book Transfers, who designed a mural at Glasgow West End during COP26 using carbon-absorbing paint. The design features three of the top species currently under threat by climate change in Scotland: bluebells, the bumble bee and the highland hare.

Glasgow West End has a very friendly, approachable and supportive environment. aparto makes an extra effort to ensure there is a high sense of belonging with celebrations and other fun events. That’s why it feels a lot like home!

Garima (Glasgow West End)

The paints used are proven to absorb CO2, pollutants and volatile organic compounds, purifying the air we breathe and improving our personal health and wellbeing. The paint also enhances the quality of buildings by only using natural sustainable raw materials. It contains no micro plastics, which means the paints will not pollute soil or contaminate water courses or oceans.

Activities were organized onsite for residents around this initiative at the property, including bluebell seed giveaways for students to plant. A cherry blossom tree was also planted in the courtyard. Students were encouraged to enter a wish centered around the sustainability theme in the ‘wish’ jar. A wish was then be selected at random and aparto provided a donation to the chosen student’s preferred climate change charity of choice.

In November 2021, the installation was moved to a permanent location on the walls in the social space in the residence.