Sourcing unique art from ArtLifting reaffirms our core values and commitment to making the world better

The concept of “experience” within properties is multifaceted, with so many components allowing us to influence how employees and tenants feel when they spend time at our buildings. In many cases, interior design plays a key component, elevating the normal into the extraordinary. In others, improved amenities and on-site resources allow people to reclaim convenience and efficiency, putting time back in their lives to do things they love.

But what about the things people see when they walk through a building—the little flourishes of color, the art located throughout the property?

We have a robust art curation program to ensure that those who enter a Hines property can enjoy more than just walls and floor, providing an opportunity for wonder and intrigue as they explore and learn more about the various pieces in a given area. With art playing such a key role in improving the experience of a building, we sought to achieve something more, to marry our desire to source inspiring art with an ever-present need to improve the lives of those we serve.

Enter ArtLifting, an organization dedicated to curating art produced by artists impacted by housing insecurity and disabilities. Co-founded by Liz Powers in 2013 after she’d spent time as a social worker in Boston, the organization seeks to provide an avenue for empowerment and validation for artists whose creations might otherwise have gone unnoticed, relegated to dark corners of shelters and disability centers. What started off with four local Boston artists has now grown exponentially, with 169 artists in 29 states selling their work via ArtLifting. By doing so, artists are able to take back control of their income and self-worth, gaining a new sense of confidence and a renewed energy for life.

Hines has purchased artwork over 20 times for our offices and properties across the U.S., making a direct and tangible impact on 67 artists.

This foundational commitment to inclusivity reaffirms our strong focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at the firm while also helping us to achieve our goal of elevating the tenant experience at our properties.

The choice to work with ArtLifting was purposeful, a chance to make a difference in an area that gets a lot of traffic — both from Hines employees and others who lease the space.

Annie Rinker, Director – Hines Workplace Service

Property Manager Logan Bjorkman, located at Park Tower in San Francisco, California, explained why they feature ArtLifting pieces in her building. “Hines selected ArtLifting because of the alignment with our mission of value creation, integrity and quality in global real estate,” she said.

“ArtLifting demonstrates these values through beautiful artwork that creates job opportunities for people in need.” At The Square at 717 Texas, the flexible workspace is also adorned with art, with a piece from Army veteran Yvette bursting with color, a kaleidoscopic swirl of red, orange, pink, blue, green and gold almost screaming a friendly welcome to visitors.