Venture Investments

Hines Venture Investments

Venture Investments deploys capital into strategic, scalable opportunities for built world solutions.

Venture investments sources, evaluates, and selects best of class investment opportunities, forges partnerships with leading investors, and leverages Hines' global leading real estate platform to provide differentiated strategic capital.

Our approach is structured by four investment theses:

Evolving Use of Physical Space

Examples: Smart, flexible, and democratized use of physical space, blending of digital and physical worlds, sharing and experiential economy, adaptive reuse, and increased amenities for improved wellness and experience.

Revolutionary Built World Technology

Examples: Cutting-edge ESG solutions that create affordable solutions, aid in carbon-tracking, support energy reduction, mitigate carbon production, identify promising renewable technologies, and support circular economy principles and resource conservation.

Next-Gen ESG Solutions

Examples: Next-Gen ESG solutions that offer affordability and carbon-tracking, reduction, and mitigation. The goal of building energy efficiency into modern infrastructure will likely be facilitated through circular economies and resource conservation.

Future of Work

Future of Work