2023 Global Outlook: Navigating the Labyrinth

2023 Global Outlook: Navigating the Labyrinth

Josh Scoville shares research views you can use now

The Fed’s 14-year low-interest rate experiment finally ended. This is a new season of investing, without the familiar tailwind of cap-rate compression. Market conditions for real estate have changed in many countries around the world and investors are adapting their investment strategies.

Our investment team has been analyzing market data using proprietary research to handicap the existing landscape as we enter 2023.

Our new 2023 Outlook Report dives into the variables we’re tracking to identify and evaluate future real estate investment opportunities.

2023 Global Outlook: Navigating the Labyrinth

Watch for these predictive signals to pivot your real estate investment strategy from defense to offense

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Global Perspectives with Local Insights

There is divergence in how the 28 countries we operate in are responding to market conditions. Investors will need managers skilled in fundamental analysis and local insight.

Gain an insider’s view from our regional Chief Investment Officers on the conditions and sectors in our sights.


Alfonso Munk, Chief Investment Officer, Americas

2023 Americas Regional Perspective


Alex Knapp, Chief Investment Officer, Europe

2023 Europe Regional Perspective

Asia Pacific

Chiang Ling Ng, Chief Investment Officer, Asia Pacific

2023 Asia Pacific Regional Perspective