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Investment Perspectives - Asia Pacific Overview

The economic climate in Asia shows less turmoil and relatively tame inflation, thus far.

Against the backdrop of this year’s macroeconomic and political headlines, the rebalancing of real estate product types has largely played out. While trends have indicated that the real estate industry’s main sectors may converge further, the current picture drawn from Hines Research and local teams’ intelligence shows that sectors remain quite differentiated.

For Industrial, tailwinds continued, but the market has gotten tighter. Living addresses affordability and upgrade aspirations. In Office, there is an evolution, not a revolution. And in Retail, yields have been attractive relative to other property sectors.

We are also focused on sustainable properties in the region as governments continue to create new regulations related to decarbonization in the built environment.

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Local Impact: Shaping our Communities

Asia has always been a world leader in innovation, and it shows in our many projects located around the region.

Asia Pacific

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600 Collins will be a destination shaped by the best elements of sustainability, amenity, wellness, and experience.

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Enhancing the Rich Urban Fabric of Jing An District

One Museum Place, the landmark tower at the center of the Museum Place district, serves as a world-class urban amenity to the community.

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Driving a Sustainable Future for Australia

T3 Collingwood is the Timber, Transit, and Technology project that will lead the way as the first investment for the CEFC Timber Building Program.

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