The Source at White Plains

Hines U.S. Property Partners

Attractive Yield Plus Upside Potential

The Source at White Plains – White Plains, NY

Acquisition of a 260,000+ square foot grocery-anchored, mixed-use center in White Plains, NY with upside potential.


100 Bloomingdale Road - White Plains, NY

Located in a heavily trafficked area adjacent to high-end retail centers and I-287 for direct local access to nearby affluent suburbs.

262,031 SF


In March 2023, HUSPP acquired The Source at White Plains with the intent to increase income through retention, improved operations, and minor capital repairs. The Source offers an attractive going-in yield, and 70% of revenue is credit tenant-based. The Whole Foods lease is backed by Amazon’s corporate guarantee (S&P: AA rating) and a new lease has been executed with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Its location next to high-end retail and I-287 offers direct local access to the adjacent affluent suburbs and is also ideal for a medical office conversion as part of an upside scenario.


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