8000 Avalon Achieved ENERGY STAR Score of 99

8000 Avalon, the first of two Hines Class A office spaces in Alpharetta, Georgia, has achieved an ENERGY STAR score of 99, ranking it among the top one percentile for energy efficiency compared with similar properties. 8000 Avalon was the only Hines property in the Southeast region to score this high in 2018, and one of just two Southeast properties to receive an ENERGY STAR rating of 98 or higher since 2002.

8000 Avalon opened to tenants in April 2017 and was not initially delivered or designed with the explicit goal of achieving a top-tier ENERGY STAR status. Over the course of the next year, the team at 8000 Avalon worked closely with their energy monitoring vendors to reprogram HVAC sequences to more sustainable levels, while also continuing to prioritize the comfort of their tenants. Other major pieces of equipment were also evaluated by the Engineering team to ensure that all onsite machinery was scheduled to run at peak efficiency without wasteful overuse. After making and maintaining these adjustments, 8000 Avalon had achieved its score of 99 by July 2018.

Locally, this achievement represents an outstanding application of the Hines standard: making the best use of all resources to exceed expectations and deliver best-in-class service and sustainability to partners and tenants alike. On a larger scale, 8000 Avalon further demonstrates Hines’ ability to outperform our competitors and solidifies our reputation as one of ENERGY STAR’s most storied real estate performers.