Co-CEO, Laura Hines-Pierce Interviewed by LEADERS

Shares personal insight on our culture, diversity in the workplace, and gives advice to the next generation of real estate

In a recent interview with LEADERS, Co-CEO Laura Hines-Pierce discusses how the family led business is carrying on the culture her grandfather, Gerald D. Hines, created in 1957 and how we are building a diverse and inclusive powerhouse.

How do you define Hines’ culture and guiding principles?

When my grandfather started Hines, our culture and guiding principles were rooted in integrity, quality, and the entrepreneurial spirit. We still hold these values dear today, as we strive to be the best real estate investor and exceptional partner in the cities and countries where we operate. Our team members are at the center of our passion to be the best, while also having a profound impact in our communities.

How critical is it for Hines to build a diverse and inclusive workforce to bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table when making business decisions?

Our OneHines initiative supports an inclusive culture in which all Hines employees feel valued and have equal opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. With offices in 27 countries around the world and a workforce of more than 4,850 professionals– 40% of which are female– we believe that diverse skills and viewpoints make us stronger and better able to serve our investors, partners, clients, and communities. As we continue to grow in the future, our DE&I initiatives remain a huge focus for us and tie into our larger, long-term ESG strategy.

Do you feel that there are strong opportunities for women to grow and lead in the real estate industry?

We can do better to support and provide opportunities for women across this industry. One of my goals is to close the gender gap in real estate. This is why I am proud to shepherd the OneHines Women’s Network, an internal effort to further focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The goal of this organization is to foster an inclusive culture where Hines employees feel valued and have equal opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. As a woman in the C-suite at Hines, my primary goal is to elevate and hire more female leaders.

What advice do you offer to young people interested in building a career in real estate?

My first piece of advice is to be a good listener. People look to their leaders for cues on how to act in certain situations and it made me realize that I might not have all the answers, but collectively, we can get through anything. I had to take control and be proactive in an uncertain situation, which taught me resilience. Finally, it taught me to express gratitude more frequently, especially for my team. Recognition goes a long way, and it should be reciprocated to anyone interested in making a career in real estate.

However, on a personal level, when I was named as the Co-CEO, I was pregnant with my second child, who was born in April. It’s important for people to know that you can prioritize your career and family in a role like this, and that it’s okay to do both. I hope by the time my children come of age it is not out of the ordinary to see a pregnant CEO successfully lead a firm.

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