Hines Completes 25 years in Brazil with Expansion Plans in São Paulo and a New Business Front

The firm has developed and acquired more than 3.5 million square meters of Class A office buildings, industrial warehouses, and residential buildings in the country

(BRAZIL) - Celebrating 25 years in Brazil, Hines, the global real estate investment, development and property manager, draws a new business front, focusing on for-rent residential, while strengthening its already robust portfolio of for-sale residential, logistics warehouses and large multi-use projects.

With 58 projects in Brazil, totaling more than 3.5 million square meters and an investment value of more than 6 billion reais, Hines plans to apply its broad international expertise in this segment of the country.

"In these two and a half decades of history in Brazil, we have consolidated ourselves as one of the main players with outstanding projects, awards and ESG certifications of great relevance. In terms of homes built and under development, there are more than 14,000 units in Brazil. In São Paulo, specifically, we have grown with the city and we project to keep this pace in the coming years", says Antonio Ferreira Rosa, Hines Brazil's Country Head.

Some of Hines’ most notable projects in Brazil are the residential buildings Millenium Faria Lima and Jardim das Perdizes, the office tower, RiverView, the multi-use project, Eden Park, in São Paulo, the Castelo building, a redeveloped office building in Rio de Janeiro, and the logistic warehouses developed and managed under the Distribution Park brand, recognized by the quality of its product, currently present in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Manaus.

Syl Apps, CEO of Hines in South America, highlights the company's commitment to the future of the country, society, and the real estate sector: "We are proud of what and how we have built so far and we are prepared to continue contributing even more to the sustainable growth of the cities where we are and will be present," he concludes.

Growth in a new business area

Both the high prices for purchasing real estate properties in the more valued areas of São Paulo and a change in the mentality of a generation that prioritizes availability instead of property, create the opportunity for growth in the residential market for rent in Brazil.

For the success of the undertaking, the company relies on its global expertise in the sector. In all - including ongoing projects - there are already more than 53,000units distributed in 126 developments in several cities around the world, totaling more than 3.6 million square meters.

Large multi-use projects

Following the trend of large global metropolises, Hines Brazil has invested in the development of large mixed-use project .. This is the case at Eden Park, a development that launched in 2022, which comprises of an office tower, a tower of for rent residential apartments, five condominium buildings and a retail mall. All towers will face a park, which will be built and delivered to the city.

"These projects offer an alternative in urban mobility, and a superior quality of housing and use," emphasizes Ferreira.

This product line already has a new investment planned for 2024. It is a development composed of a state-of-the-art corporate tower and two residential buildings in the region of Avenida Chucri Zaidan. "Large projects require longer approval time, but provide extremely differentiated architectural designs."

Logistic projects

One of the highlights of Hines Brazil is the implementation of the "Distribution Park", a strategy for the development of logistic facilities throughout the Brazilian territory. The first initiative was launched in the early years of the company’s presence , in 2000, in the city of Louveira, São Paulo. Today, the brand is also present in Rio de Janeiro and Amazonas, adding up to more than 2 million square meters of developed areas and has more than 60 tenants.

Hines' logistic projects are differentiated due to the attention placed on technical specifications for the tenants' high productivity, with reduced maintenance and operation costs. Furthermore, the projects are also designed to take into account the general context of the cities where they are located.

On the logistics front, Hines is focused on developing new projects within a 40km radius of the city of São Paulo, seeking to serve logistics and e-commerce companies that need to deliver products faster to consumers. "Hines, also based on its international experience, believes that e-commerce still has a lot to grow and this growth requires warehouses with the highest specifications that guarantee an efficient operation to move products with lower costs", says Steve Mathieson, Vice President of Hines Brazil.

Focus on ESG

Hines Brazil employs consolidated ESG practices in its products and services. Green spaces, energy, and water efficiency, the use of sustainable materials, as well as the execution of improvement works in public schools and health clinics to help local communities, are some of the measures implemented.

The company also has the gold level recognition from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the most prestigious environmental certification in the world, in two projects: a logistics warehouse in Embu das Artes, in the Greater São Paulo area, and the RiverView commercial tower, also in São Paulo.

The company has already been recognized in the Master Real Estate Award in the office, industrial, and retrofit categories. The event celebrates, every year, the best developments and the most successful initiatives of companies and professionals in the sector in Brazil.

Successful history

Created as a real estate developer more than 60 years ago in Texas, United States, Hines expanded the architectural concept and brought to Brazil, as of 1998, the management of intelligent investments based on decades of global real estate experiences. The headquarters in São Paulo, with four employees at the time, was the company's entry into the South American market, and the first venture carried out in the country was the development of more than 55 thousand square meters of multi-use in the Faria Lima region, the noblest office market in the city of São Paulo.

About Hines

Hines is a global manager of real estate investment, development and properties. The company was founded by Gerald D. Hines in 1957 and currently operates in 30 countries. Hines manages approximately $96 billion¹ in high-performing assets across residential, logistics, retail, office and multi-use strategies. Local teams manage 685 properties totaling nearly 20 million square feet globally. The company is committed to the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2040, without the purchase of offsets. To learn more, visit www.hines.com and follow @Hines on social media.

¹Includes the global Hines organization and RIA AUM as of December 31, 2022.