History and modernity meet in Copenhagen’s Trinity Quarter

Brings new life to one of Denmark’s most popular tourist destinations

Trinity Quarter - Copenhagen, Denmark
Caption Trinity Quarter - Copenhagen, Denmark

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Steeped in history, yet poised for the future? Now that is a blueprint for success.

With Trinity Quarter, historic preservation and visionary redevelopment converge to create an international destination in the heart of Copenhagen’s retail and tourist district.

Heritage architecture, reinvigorated with modern appeal

A bold new redevelopment is winning over tourists and locals alike in Copenhagen’s historic city center.

Located alongside the iconic Round Tower, one of Denmark’s most visited tourist attractions, the four-building mixed-use property expands the area’s sense of possibility with a range of inviting new experiences.

Visitors to the 21,000-square-meter project today might enjoy a memorable stay in the boutique 25hours hotel or shopping at Nike or other popular retailers. And, if they become one of the lucky residents of the site’s coveted residential apartments, they may even call it home.

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Now a modern new destination for shopping and relaxation, a major part of Trinity Quarter’s appeal is its proven commitment to honoring its past.

Masterful building preservation brings the past into the future

Once the location of a noble mansion, the parcel of buildings includes two that date back to around 1740, as well as some 19th century design. At some point one of the buildings served as a department store, while another housed the city’s first offices. A ceramics factory also once stood on the site.

Still later, in 1969, the University of Copenhagen took over the property, using the buildings and courtyards as the backdrop for its theology and law classes.

By 2017, however, the university had decided to move on. Hines acquired the Universitets Passagen buildings and began the painstaking effort of restoring and preserving the original façade’s details, including reviewing archival photographs to ensure the details and colors were rigorously faithful to their original design.

But honoring the past is not limited to the exterior at Trinity Quarter. Together with 25hours, Hines also emphasized the historic beauty of the buildings throughout the hotel’s interiors, with the spirit of the university serving as the storytelling hook for design.

Interior Lobby - 25hours Hotel
Caption Interior Lobby - 25hours Hotel

Celebrated designer Martin Brudnizki used that storytelling theme to conjure up guestrooms in two vivid styles: the Professor Room (celebrating knowledge) and the Student Room (celebrating passion). Elsewhere, bold color, material, and statement art pieces spread a similar story across the hotel’s two restaurants, three bars, fitness area, secret garden, and library.

Local connection, universal appeal

Great developments enhance their community, providing experiential environments that spark meaningful connection.

By sheer force of its historic beauty, the newly reimagined Trinity Quarter is raising the neighborhood bar, aesthetically. It is also making a positive environmental impact, given its status the first mixed- use (hotel, residential and retail) building in a listed historic building in Denmark to achieve DGNB Silver. The sustainability is well documented throughout this certificate and with a generous LCA below 7 kg Co2 or sqm building or year. And you do not need to be a tourist to appreciate the inviting retail cluster here.

But Trinity Quarter goes further to enhance the local community, too, with thoughtful programming and outreach that helps bridge the gap between resident and guest.

For example, in partnership with a local museum, an exhibition was held here in 2022 to unveil archeological findings discovered during construction. More than a thousand Copenhageners visited the site during the 3-week exhibit. And since the property’s opening in 2021, locals — including the priest from the church across the street — have been enjoying tea and a newspaper in the assembly hall on an afternoon.

A vibrant new experience in Denmark’s crown city

By uniting meticulous restoration with innovative design, this historic redevelopment is shaping an auspicious new future in Copenhagen’s city center. Looking ahead, people looking to shop, dine, enjoy historic sights, or simply relax can all find themselves in the right place, at the right time at Trinity Quarter.