Preserving heritage, building futures

Restoration of new multifamily tower transforms legendary property

Maple Terrace in Dallas
Caption Maple Terrace in Dallas

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Restoring historic properties is not just about preserving the past; it is about shaping the future. By breathing new life into aging landmarks, property owners and developers can unlock many benefits for themselves and the communities they serve.

The Maple Terrace project in Dallas languished for years due to shifting trends and a changing world. Fortunately, Hines knew there was an opportunity with the property. This vision would see a total redesign of its interior elements and a loving restoration of its façade to drive value for clients and revitalize the neighborhood.

We paid a lot of attention to the buildings on site and made sure everything was optimized, both for the new interior and when restoring the exterior of the original building. This was not just another project for us; it is emblematic of the incredible successes we can achieve when we combine passion and ingenuity.

Corbin Eckel, managing director

Honoring the past, building for the future

Maple Terrace, a living testament to the rich history of Dallas, was built in 1925. Its distinctive design, a cluster of four towers arranged in a U shape, was a departure from the conventional multifamily developments of its time. Each tower, operating independently, housed a diverse community, from renowned celebrities like Elvis Presley and Judy Garland to bohemian artists and musicians. This unique history, carefully preserved in the restoration process, is a source of nostalgia and appreciation for the community.

Maple Terrace, once the epitome of high society and a melting pot of culture and creativity, faced its share of challenges as the years passed. Changing trends and neglect gradually eroded its grandeur, making its restoration a significant endeavor.

With a bold vision to revive the grandeur of this historic landmark, Hines recognized the potential hidden within its weathered walls and embarked on a meticulous restoration journey. The plan for Maple Terrace was not just to restore it, but to transform it into a mixed-use destination with boutique office space, luxury multifamily and retail, anchored in history and the strength of biophilia—a perfect blend of style, architecture, functionality, and well-being.

The restoration of Maple Terrace went far beyond surface-level improvements. With meticulous attention to detail, the exterior façade received a reverent restoration, paying homage to the architectural genius of its creator, Sir Alfred Blossom. Every architectural flourish and decorative detail was carefully preserved, ensuring that Maple Terrace would remain a timeless symbol of history.

While the exterior evokes nostalgia for a bygone era, the interior of Maple Terrace tells a tale of innovation, luxury, and modernity. Through thoughtful redesign and renovation, the once-dilapidated interior has been transformed into a showcase of contemporary design, boasting state-of-the-art amenities and upscale finishes.

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Maple Terrace now stands as a testament to the marriage of past and present, a seamless blend of historic charm and contemporary sophistication. Its 22-story multifamily tower offers unparalleled luxury living, attracting discerning residents seeking a slice of history amidst the modern skyline.

But Maple Terrace is more than just a multifamily complex—it is a vibrant mixed-use destination where history and innovation converge.

What sets Maple Terrace apart is its commitment to community and connectivity. From the intimate bar and lounge to the tranquil garden between the office and multifamily areas, every detail is designed to foster a sense of belonging and companionship among its residents and visitors alike.

Looking ahead, Maple Terrace stands as a beacon of hope and renewal for Dallas—a symbol of resilience in the face of adversity. As the city continues to evolve, Maple Terrace serves as a reminder of the power of preservation and the enduring legacy of those who came before us.

Our project team has seamlessly blended the historic charm of the 1920s Maple Terrace building with modern design and amenities, highlighting our ability to execute and scale. This transformation generated essential fees and secured ongoing revenue through property management of the office and multifamily spaces.

Additionally, by strengthening our relationship with our client, an investor with whom we have other business, helps expand that relationship and further build trust while contributing to our overall track record and skillset.