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Our senses are an integral part of our experiences and memories - none more so than our sense of smell. The olfactory atmosphere in the built environment has been shown to exert a profound, if often unrecognized, influence on mood and well-being. In fact, studies show a 40% increase in mood when exposed to a pleasing fragrance.

This understanding is one of the reasons why Hines embarked on a journey to create a signature scent to enhance the experience in our buildings.

“Our commitment to holistic hospitality goes beyond creating spaces; we are crafting experiences with the transformative power of scent. As the first-ever custom scent to enhance both office and residential properties, this aroma has been thoughtfully curated with natural ingredients that calm and uplift, creating a welcoming ambience for everyone who walks through our doors,” said lead creator Whitney Burns, SVP of Client Experience at Hines.

Creating a signature scent with ScentAir, the company behind branded fragrances at many luxury hotels worldwide, began with thorough brand immersion. Through in-depth discussions, the creators absorbed every facet of the Hines brand, focusing not only on scent but also on our identity, values, and aspirations.

Working in partnership, the Hines experience team meticulously built the fragrance note by note, combining luxury elements with earthy, sustainable ingredients. This blend captured the company’s commitment to quality and sustainability, while also embodying a balance of brightness and calmness.

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Throughout the development process, the scent underwent refinement until it flawlessly encapsulated Hines’ brand essence. Once prototypes were ready, a select group of Hines representatives conducted smell tests to narrow down the options. Considering the diverse personas that work in, live in, or visit our buildings, the team diligently evaluated each fragrance to ensure its universal appeal. Furthermore, they took the time to scent different spaces with varying sizes and ceiling heights, recognizing the impact on the overall experience of the scent.

All of this attention to detail helped create alignment and by December of 2023, the Hines signature scent was chosen. The outcome? A bespoke fragrance that not only delights the senses but also serves as a powerful expression of the firm’s identity, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it. A notable aspect of the scent creation process was the unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. "We paid keen attention to our ingredients, using upcycled elements and sourcing sustainable crops to minimize potential sensitivities and ensure that the scent remains natural within the environment,” says Neohni Gilligan, director of fragrance & product marketing at ScentAir.

Our Hines signature scent blends European primrose, Asian sambac jasmine, and Frangipani with natural elements such as marine salt, Texas sea grass and Brazilian cotton. The addition of Indian sandalwood, Italian pine and upcycled driftwood contributes to a calming essence, resulting in a well-balanced and sophisticated scent. The fragrance is designed at a perceivable level without overwhelming the environment, seamlessly blending with the surroundings.

"In creating this fragrance, we aimed to mirror Hines' commitment to exceptional service by crafting an aroma that's in harmony with the brand and the overall client experience. We believe this exquisitely formulated fragrance will not only increase linger time but also will boost the overall perception of the Hines brand," says Neohni.

The Hines signature scent is more than a fragrance; it reflects a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. Infused with calm, happiness, and joy, it invites everyone to breathe in well-being when they step into one of our buildings.

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*The Hines signature scent is made from organic ingredients that meet or exceed safety, regulatory & performance requirements of all applicable organizations including IFRA and OHSA.