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Improving the Hines workplace.

Hines is committed to reaching the highest possible levels of employee satisfaction, and is continuously seeking new and better ways to do so.

Education Reimbursement Program

Hines is committed to helping its employees develop and grow. This program provides the opportunity for employees to take the initiative to improve their job performance, prepare for future roles at Hines and accomplish general self-improvement.

Employee Survey

Various methods of employee opinion gathering are invaluable tools as Hines continues its relentless drive to improve the workplace. By actively seeking out the current levels of employee satisfaction, Hines can formulate strategies to remedy or improve our working environment. Feedback gathered through focus groups, surveys and meetings has already precipitated a variety of improvements and will continue to be a catalyst for change.

Management Conferences

Managers from across all disciplines and across the company attend regular meetings to facilitate learning, communication, networking and sharing experiences among peers.

Orientation Program

New employees have immediate access to resources to help them get started – examples include the New Employee Onboarding Web site, New Employee Onboarding training webinar and new employee orientation checklists, which provide a guide for the first months of employment.

Tenure Recognition Program

Because Hines employees are the company's greatest assets, Hines has developed a program to more fully recognize individuals for their years of service. Administered by human resources, the program recognizes all full-time employees, presenting them with a gift to mark each major anniversary, starting with one year, then five years, and every fifth year thereafter.

Training Initiative

Hines is well known in the industry for its outstanding training programs. The Training Initiative provides a forum where training methods across the organization are benchmarked, formatted into structured programs, then disseminated throughout the company. Developed by field experts within Hines, new curriculums are constantly being added in response to employee needs.

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