Enhancing Client Experience

An inside look at how the Here by Hines App enhanced the Salesforce Tower Chicago experience.

Salesforce Tower Chicago
Caption Salesforce Tower Chicago

Salesforce Tower Chicago is transforming the idea of high-performing business environments. This isn't just an office — it's an experience, complete with advanced workspaces and top-tier amenities.

The Challenge

We had a clear but ambitious challenge: we needed to create an application that would provide a curated, highly relevant digital experience to match the building's premium physical environment.

We wanted a solution that was both efficient and effective. We created a digital application that would seamlessly integrate with our building's amenities and services and create an unmatched in-person experience for our clients. We also wanted to make sure to create a feedback loop and an avenue for us to learn how to better serve our clients.


Introducing the Here by Hines application enables clients to sign up for fitness classes, order food, access event information, and access exclusive benefits for Salesforce Tower Chicago occupants. This digital tool, paired with client-centric property level services, makes the in-office experience more convenient and enjoyable for our clients.


The results have been impressive. The data from the app shows us that our tenants are particularly interested in food and beverage offerings. With this insight in mind, the property team gave the clients what they want and increased activations around food and beverage that include food trucks, pop-up baristas, and juice giveaways.

One feature that has significantly elevated the workplace experience is the client-specific content, which has become one of the most engaging parts of the app.

And let's talk numbers: we've seen an adoption rate of over 160%, and more than 75% of app users have clicked on the Fitness Center button. These stats tell us that our app isn't just being used — it's being used often.

But what do the clients themselves think? When asked, “What value does your building app bring to your workday?” they were quick to share their enthusiasm:

  • "This app is incredible! I look forward to checking the app daily / nightly to decide which days I want to be sure to come into the office. So lucky to have so many perks such as workout classes, pop-up food trucks, and facials next month!! Love this app and this building.”
  • "The app gives me easy access and awareness to building amenities and activities so I don't miss out!"
  • "Love seeing all the pop-ups and vendors - it helps me plan my meals and coffee intake.”

We're not just creating buildings — we're crafting experiences. And with the success of our app Salesforce Tower Chicago, we're excited about the future possibilities for our other properties.