Seamless culinary offerings at your fingertips

Creating a more service-oriented, hospitality-like experience at the office

Texas Tower - Houston, Texas (Photography by Magda Biernat)
Caption Texas Tower - Houston, Texas (Photography by Magda Biernat)

What’s the Point?

In the ever-evolving world of management, we aim to provide innovative and elevated experiences that are time-saving and cost-efficient. That is why we are excited to share a new strategic partnership with Instacart Business that marks a pivotal step in redefining the workplace experience.

Aligning with our ethos of innovation and service excellence, this partnership allows our property managers to seamlessly and economically order and deliver inspired culinary offerings throughout our extensive network of properties nationwide.

No longer will our teams need to grapple with frequent store runs or manage multiple delivery fees to accommodate fluctuating office attendance. Property Managers now have the seamless option to peruse Instacart's extensive selection, featuring over 80,000 stores and 1,400 retail brands. Through Instacart Business, our teams can effortlessly secure local treats that resonate with our clients, all delivered in as little as an hour, while enjoying savings on fees and portfolio volume discounts.

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Curated food and beverage options sourced via Instacart Business can also transform workspaces into even more comfortable, convenient, and inviting environments for our clients. Clients can now enjoy locally curated snacks during an afternoon break on an outdoor terrace, grab a fruit-enhanced water or protein drink after a workout in our state-of-the-art onsite fitness facilities, or indulge in surprise-and-delight treats presented by our Hines management services teams.

We are pleased to be able to integrate this new offering into our premium services, bringing more convenience and hospitality to our clients across the U.S. initially, then globally in 2024. It is yet another way we are enhancing and elevating the office experience.